AGAgency was launched in 2006 to provide a straightforward way for consumers to buy multi-brand auto parts and electronics. Over the thirty years of sales experience AGAgency achieved a high level of competence and competitiveness. It is our goal as a service driven organisation to provide you with the most economical and efficient solutions for your requirements.

The deep knowledge of Lombardy region and its market trends, together with the ability to select companies to be represented, AGAgency have enabled the acquisition of a large and qualified customers. AGAgency is focusing to distinguish personal characteristics of customer and build professional relationship based on Agent - Client - Company.

Our projects make us open and prepared to change with the confidence to see new business opportunities.


    We hope that our positivity could be contagious

    The daily scenarios encourage us to constantly meet new challenges with determination to achieve goals by developing the best solutions.
    Communication, thoughts and ideas…
    We are prepared to listen to our partners and customers to address their needs and requirements.
    Our work also makes us attentive and sensitive to the world, replete with many ethical variances.
    We believe that technology is indispensable and key to our business, therefore we are investing time to find resources which are bringing a progress and also simplify our daily processes.


    The direction of our business is its consistency!

    We provide regular inspections of computerized orders to optimize the time of delivery.

    We offer to all our customers professional expertise to develop any marketing solutions.

    We also offer the opportunity to gain online visibility through our website.



  • VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM batteries are the very latest in lead-acid battery technology and are ahead of anything else on the market.
    As the global market leader in lead-acid batteries, we are now applying our expertise and innovative power to leisure and marine applications.
    VARTA customers put their trust in our pioneering technical expertise. Anyone who's been travelling in a caravan or on a boat knows that one thing matters above all else when you've left the world behind: reliability.

  • VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries are the perfect solution for vehicles with featuring advanced Start-Stop technology with regenerative braking and additional fuel-saving technologies.
    Only the specially developed VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries with AGM technology can meet the challenges imposed by these systems.
    Compared to VARTA Start-Stop batteries, VARTA Start-Stop Plus batteries offer even greater performance and versatility, and are capable of reliably supplying power to an even greater range of devices.